Blue and Gold Banquet

What is a Blue and Gold Banquet?
A blue and gold banquet is a birthday dinner for the Cub Scouting program, held during February. The anniversary month of the Boy Scouts of America, which was organized in February 1910.  The Cub Scouts was organized 20 years later in 1930.

Some packs have a dinner, which can be a potluck affair with each family bringing food.  Many packs prefer buying the food, having it prepared by a committee, or even having it catered.  The plan of feeding is not important, it is the Cub Scouting that takes place during the preparation and dinner that really counts.  Dens should sit together.  Guests may be invited and seated either at a head table or seated with the dens.

Decorations may be as elaborate or as simple as you wish.  Attractive menu cards or dinner programs can be made, place cards, centerpieces, place mats, nut cups and favors are all suggestions of things which might be used.  Cubs can take part in making decorations.

The dinner program should include entertainment from within the pack, but outside entertainment is okay.  Also don’t forget the importance of recognizing advancement of the boys and leaders of the pack.

Remember that the B&G is supposed to be fun for all the Scouts from Tigers to Webelos.  The entertainment portion of the event can be from 20 to 30 minutes in length.  Some Packs have invited magicians, ventriloquists, musicians, etc.  Discuss the options with the Pack Committee and make a decision based on cost and availability of the performers.

Arrow of Light
The Arrow of Light Ceremony is the most important portion of the B&G but it does not have to be the most complex or lengthy portion of the event.  Their are multiple Scouting websites dedicated to just the B&G and Arrow of Light Ceremony.  A simple Google search will yield hundreds. Putting a unique touch on the event is always the best way to make it all the more memorable for the boys.

Important Things to Remember  
Be sure that the boys, leaders, and parents know that the banquet is Cub Scouting’s birthday celebration.
Begin planning at least three months ahead.
KISMIF – Keep it Simple, Make it Fun
Involve leaders and parents.  Sharing responsibilities makes it easier and fun for everyone.
Let the boys help plan and make the decorations, but keep the cutting and pasting to a minimum.  Do let them help make each item.  (Then watch their eyes glow with pride the night of the banquet.)

Invitations, Programs and etc.
The following files can be downloaded and edited to fit your need for the Program, Invite, and Reserved Seating Cards.  The files are in Microsoft Word and Publisher formats.  Again, all the files can be modified to fit your needs and tailored to fit the theme of your Blue and Gold.

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